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Our Ethos

At TAYM we know that starting to learn an instrument can be a big step - for parents as well as children.  

We have designed "Let’s Play" to remove many of the traditional barriers that discourage parents and children from starting to learn an instrument.  


  1. No need to invest in an instrument.
    TAYM can provide a range of modern instruments,  some specially designed for the younger children, such as the innovative pBone - a brightly coloured plastic trombone. There is a £50 refundable deposit for instruments and a termly rental charge of £20 per term.

  2. Small group lessons.
    These provide the ideal learning environment. Children share in the fun of making progress with friends and learn and support each other through the inevitable challenges and triumphs. The group is small enough for the qualified tutors to give individual support when needed.


  3. Musicianship Classes.
    As well as learning to play an instrument, children on our Let’s Play scheme (first year), attend a separate musicianship class. This supports them in their instrument learning with an introduction to pitch, rhythm and simple musical notation.
     In the second year of the scheme the children join the Let’s Play Orchestra, giving them the first experience of playing in a larger group with others who are learning different instruments. It’s a fun-filled, noisy and rewarding experience for everyone!

  4. Commitment.
    TAYM understands that sometimes things don’t work out. Commitment is on a term-by-term basis, and there is always the opportunity to switch instruments.


  5. Supporting you to support your children.
    Regular communication from the tutors keeps you in touch with progress in class and supports practice at home with sound clips and advice. End of term concerts give our students the opportunity to show off their new skills to parents and wider family.                           

  6. Financial Support.
    TAYM is aware of the Cost of Living Crisis, and is anxious to ensure that all TAYM students are still able to attend their classes. Funds, including a recent grant from Rockhampton Folk Festival, are available to provide financial help to cover the cost of TAYM fees. If your family is experiencing financial difficulties, and is concerned about the fees, please approach the Administrator, or Trudy Monday, Head of Centre, in confidence, to discuss what help TAYM is able to offer.

a young boy plays the flute
teenage boys playing the trombone
a large group of children singing in a choir
2 girls playing the clarinet
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